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The main benefit for the advertisers is branding. It is another great way for local businesses to brand themselves in the local community. These tablets display digital banners of different local businesses, designed by our in-house graphic design team, that hyperlink to their website. Through using these digital banners, we are able to build and track SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using Google Analytics. We also offer Google Adwords to ensure the ads provide clickthroughs to the business webpage. These banners are interactive and link back to the website, making them one step above print, because the customers viewing the ads are interacting with them. These banners can bring the customers straight to a landing page where they can shop or create a warm lead list to build business for the brand being displayed. They are a great way to get a local business’s names out there and interacted with.

We recently rolled out a data capture add-on! Make sure to ask your sales representative how Tablio can get you more warm leads to turn into more new customers!

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