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A preliminary proof will be provided prior to the actual ad placement. Advertiser will not have an exclusive spot unless state herein. THIS CONTRACT SHALL NOT BE CHANGED, MODIFIED, OR CANCELED. The terms of this contract shall commence on the date said collateral is delivered to venue, and shall run for period previously specified in agreement. Tablio (L&L Corp) shall perform it's obligation within 120 days of the Date of Execution, or if circumstances otherwise require, within a period of time that is commercially reasonable. Due to any event outside of Tablio's control, or a force majeur, Tablio may in it's sole discretion decide to give the Advertiser an alternative venue of greater or equal value. Advertiser shall send Tablio desired artwork/portions of artwork within two (2) weeks of the Date of Execution; if such two (2) week period elapses without any submission of artwork, Tablio may create artwork on Advertiser's behalf. Alternatively, Advertiser may permit Tablio to create such artwork without the prior passage of any period of time. All artwork designed by Tablio shall remain the property of Tablio If Advertiser chooses to mail in a paper check as form of payment, the Advertiser agrees to provide Tablio with a credit or debit card to hold the space until the check arrives. If the check is not received by Tablio within thirty (30) days, the Advertiser authorizes Tablio to debit the previously given card for sale amount. If Advertiser has an outstanding balance owed to Tablio on any invoices properly submitted, or if Advertiser fails to deliver artwork as required above, Advertiser acknowledges that delays in delivery may occur. In the event Advertiser withholds/withdraws payment on any invoice, fees may be issued for credit chargebacks/voided checks. Tablio total maximum liability under this contract is capped to the above Total Purchase. Tablio may also use the contact information provided to inform you of other products or services available from Tablio and its affiliates. Our full Privacy Policy can be found at Tablio accepts terms determined by Advertiser and Sales Consultant, along with proper jurisdiction and venue in Clark County, Washington. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the subject matter covered.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the terms and conditionsn, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone (844) 789-8943

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